Looking around.
The Ekilibrio Foundation Collection

The collection begins in the early ninenties, with the first important purchases of the works of Achille Perilli and Antonio Sanfilippo of the Roman Forma 1 school. Soon, however, a decisive change of course toward geometrical rigor, a choice that would turn out to be more befitting for the Foundation, and therefore, more enduring.

A very meaningful beginning that revealed the preferences and the direction who intended to take the Foundation: that of formal rigor, the economy of expressive means, and aesthetic purity. Essentially, prefers forms that overcome the informal, and which in the absence of a form or a project, resist a rigorous internal logic and a certain structural “nakedness”.

As with the pieces of a puzzle, the works in the collection become fragments of a whole, which, when put together, they make the collection a dynamic entity that always transforms and develops.

What we can say for sure is that every art collection is born of a powerful stimulus that does not run out. The soul manifests in the search for dialogue between the individual and the object and is fueled by a need that goes beyond simple logic.